The Illustrious Sponsors

If you are a brewery, distillery or distributor and would like Scott and Ryan to try your booze and talk about it on The Illustrious Gentlemen, feel free to contact us. If you’re a company that does business on the web and want to sponsor us, email us to find out our very affordable rates! If you’re a bar owner in the Phoenix metro area and would like to host a live episode with us, send us an email! We can be reached at @


Jesse James Comics is an online retailer of comics, merchandise and comic book exclusives. They are located in Glendale, AZ and have a massive, 8,000 square foot store filled with comics, games and more! Visit them at or search Jesse James Comics on Facebook and Twitter. Support this great business!


We are very happy to be sponsored by our pals at Samurai Comics! They have 3 locations in the Phoenix metro area and are the best place to get your comics, card games and geek swag on! Check them out on Facebook and jump over to their website and help support a business that helps support us!