Month: March 2018


This week Ryan takes a trip to Anaheim for Wonder Con 2018 with his new best friend, Brad, a Ford Fiesta, to announce a new book he’s working on! His drink this week is a Yotes Pale Ale from our friends at San Tan Brewing. This mini-sode features an introduction by Gary Fitzgerald and music by Kevin Macleod. Follow the show on twitter at @tig_show and support the show at



This week Scott and Ryan enjoy(?) a couple beers, briefly touch on the completed and successful TIG Show kickstarter and talk about their favorite comic book or “super hero movies”. They also discuss some problems they had with Thor Ragnarok, just in case you wanted to love them a little less. Our intro music is by The Killer Drones and our outro music is by The Moans! As always. our introduction is by Gary Fitzgerald. Follow the show on twitter at @tig_show and support the show at


This episode features a fully coherent Scott, and a barely-on-his-feet Ryan, talking with the talented Aaron Campbell about his new Image Comic, Infidel, which is in stores 03/14/18. Aaron was a great guest and 2/3rds of the people on this episode did a great job. This episode also introduces our new intro music by The Killer Drones ( & and new outro music by The Moans! ( Our introduction is by Gary Fitzgerald ( Follow the show on twitter at @tig_show and support the show at

New music!

So sitting here the other day I was thinking (which is rare), and I realized that we have friends who make music, who make amazing music, so why are we not abusing that friendship as much as humanly possible. So starting with episode 69 we are thrilled to have new intro music by The Killer Drones! The Killer Drones is the former band of my pal Grey Watson, who continues to make great music. So please, hop over, buy the Killer Drones record and also buy some of Grey’s new music, I’m fond of his new track Love is Good, it’s #1. 


Our new outro song is by America’s favorite band, The Moans! It’s a track called We Come in Pieces and I love it. Buy their albums and if you live in the Northern California area, go see them live! Thanks to both of these great bands for letting us use these hot tracks! – Ryan



In episode 68, professional comic book artists Scott and Ryan, talk a bit about the differences in working between Photoshop and Clip Studio and how personal preferences really are all that matters. It’s a nice chat into the working process of making comic book pages. Also, Ryan takes some listener questions! Our introduction is by Gary Fitzgerald, intro music by The Bomb Busters (Good to be Alone) & outro music by Kevin MacLeod(Dirt Rhodes). Follow the show on twitter at @tig_show and support the show at